Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Sale business

Connect Co., Ltd.

Sales representatives / sales officer

Tomonari Kaneko


Taito-ku, Tokyo Hanakawado 2-chome, 3-11 Inkabiru 5F



Recommended environment


Internet Explorer latest version

Google Chrome latest version


AndroidOS latest version of the standard browser

iOS latest version of Safari

Selling price

The price list of the plan page, please reference.

Prices vary for each plan.



Required in addition to the sale price and postage, etc. Rates

Expenses of the communication line in accordance with the Internet connection

Payment method

Credit-card transactions

It will be settled at the time of booking is confirmed.

Your billing date will differ by each card company.

Payment by the payment method or the day of local designated by the operator

We have indicated to the payment plan page.

Payment time of goods

During the guidance of the Confirmation of the purchase plan or purchase the plan departs date of the

Limited sales period, sales volume

The price list and calendar of the plan page, please reference.

Price list and the calendar is different for each plan.

Cancellation Policy

The terms of cancellation of the plan page, please reference.

But it is different in terms of cancellation for each plan.