High Wave Paragliding School

High Wave Paragliding School
areaKyoto/Near Kyoto Station

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In the high wave paragliding school in Kyoto Ukyo-ku, you will be able to experience the feel free to paragliding. At all instructors do not worry, I will tell you politely from 1 beginners.
Once I want flying in the sky! It fulfills the dream of anyone who wants. Body while feeling the wind Why do not you experience the feeling of floating in the air.

Peace of mind because it is together with the instructor!

Empty so you can enjoy free, make a firm course to precautions that fly in the sky from the basic operation. Once you are familiar with the paraglider operation, with the wind blowing from Lake Biwa, let's enjoy the walk to the sky.

Empty-handed OK So enjoy the feel free!

Since the equipment will be lending your all, you can enjoy casually even if it is not take them a special belongings. Please enjoy heartily the sky while feeling the wind.

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Address / MAP
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Ukyo-ku, Uzumasa well months ass-cho 27-4Looking at the GoogleMap
business hours 10:00~15:00
credit card out of service