Forest Adventure Chichibu (FOREST ADVENTURE CHICHIBU)

Forest Adventure Chichibu
areaSaitama/Chichibu, Nagatoro
Campaign / announcement水かけ祭り開催!!8月26・27日、9月2・3日はスタッフが皆さん(希望者に)水掛けちゃいます!しかも参加の方は、料金300円引きもしちゃいます♪この夏は開き直って、濡れながら森の冒険を楽しもう!!

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Features of business

[Suspense to the extraordinary experience of on top of the tree! A new sense of athletic! ! ]
"Forest Adventure" is Saitama Prefecture's first landing of the French-born. And I know the nation's largest, most difficult class! !
Has been installed in the position of the nature of the trees on the ground 2m ~ 15m, climbing scaffolding, called the platform, ♪ Finally enjoy the air walk from tree to tree is that slide down a stretch in the zip slide to the ground, thrill and exhilaration, and taste is also a sense of accomplishment, is a new dimension of adventure sports to enjoy from children to adults. The forest can be great adventure with the same eyes as monkeys and birds, we will provide you with all the experience that can not be only here.

Up to 50% most difficult class! !

Forest Adventure Chichibu has a large scale among the nation's forest adventure, and degree of difficulty also I know to increase!
So, it is exceptional is exhilarating feeling a sense of accomplishment after the end of ♪
If you thought "doing Yaro will Thats!", I look forward to the challenge!
Okay who felt the anxiety and "I wonder if possible ..."! Or skip the course, with or try to capture slipped in the pulley, first I will explain as can be anyone.

Protect yourself of safety on their own

Large principle "is their own safety protect yourself" is a forest adventure. Conditions in children in adults is together. On top of the tree, to operate their own safety equipment, go to before to ensure the safety on their own. It has become the most attractive. Here you can anyone [enjoy seriously]. [Adults hatch in children, children become adults. ] Is the experience that can not be only here.

Safety management of know-how that has been accumulated with the European safety standards

It is a safety management is an important facility, but still does not have a safety standards with respect to this facility in Japan. Therefore, in the forest adventure, it has adopted the European safety standards which is the birthplace of. In addition, Forest Adventure from accumulated experience from 2006, aims to fun outdoor park management more secure, is improving daily.

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Address / MAP
Forest area of ​​Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture Kuna 637-2 Chichibu Muse Park in SportsLooking at the GoogleMap
access <Train>
Seibu from Seibu Chichibu Station or Chichibu Station [Muse Park circulation] in Ongakutera anticipating, 20 minutes before and after the Chichibu hospital proactively both. After getting off "Supotsunomori", about a 1-minute walk.

Garden 45 minutes before and after from the IC in the No. 140 national highway to Nagatoro-Chichibu direction.
KenHisashimichi person who uses
Sayama 45 minutes before and after from Hidaka IC out to 299 National Highway to the Chichibu-Ogano direction.
business hours 9:00~17:30 ※季節により変動。日没で終了となる為、最終受付は日没の2時間ほど前になります。
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Remarks Duration: 2-3 hours
Terms and Conditions: Elementary School fourth grade or higher or height 140cm or more, always guardian (18 years or older) person weighing less than 130kg or less / 18 years of age and please join together. (You are allowed up to 2 children per person a parent or guardian.)