Okinawa Resort Club

Okinawa Resort Club
areaOkinawa/West Coast-East Coast

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Exclusive instructor, is a fully chartered corresponding to only responsible for your group. Price will be happy to correspond with deliver to blue cave private tour of the best service even cheaper!

You can practice in the water depth to stand tall!

For the first time of the dive, it is natural for there is anxiety, you will be able to comfortably diving that firm to practice in the water depth to get a leg up is back!

And the day before the contact of sea conditions!

Blue Cave is also that you do not dive at worst the sea conditions. So we can be the day before to some extent of the forecast, we do tomorrow, "can be held!" "Held impossible!" Such as "the day! Change in the morning of the sea conditions", the pre-contact the cave information of the blue. Blue cave alternative point of also, it guides you through the most recommended.

Free swim, offers exhilarating diving!

The first time also described as swim underwater world freely in the diving, because the take-up safety course, you can enjoy Okinawa diving degrees of freedom packed!

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Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture Onna Serakaki 2497Looking at the GoogleMap
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Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture Onna Serakaki 2497 (Manza Beach entrance)
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