River trip Hokkaido

River trip Hokkaido
areaHokkaido/Furano Biei Tomamu

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Why do not you challenge a real rafting in Hokkaido highest peak of the torrent spot Mukawa (Shimukappu)?
Approximately 70 minutes from New Chitose Airport, about 100 minutes from Sapporo Minami IC and about 50 minutes from Furano city access are convenient outdoor fields.

Hokkaido highest peak! River trip Hokkaido Mukawa rafting

Scenic spots and headwaters the Karifuridake in Hokkaido Shimukappu Eastern "Akaiwa AoIwaokai" such as the sheer class A river flowing through the valley. Meaning that Mukatsubetsu "flow path is constantly moving" in the Ainu language. It had been a steep river flow from the old days. As rafting spot of Hokkaido highest peak, it is familiar to many of our customers. At the time of flooding after spring thaw season and heavy rain, enough to be counted in Japan's three large torrent, you can enjoy a full-fledged rafting.

Kayak School

Now popular outdoor sports, is a school of kayak. Because each and every possible steering out there is looking forward not to rafting. Such as such as "there is no chance I want to do," "very likely," "seems difficult", the beginning might hurdle is high sport. RiverTrip is, from beginner lessons to down the river, offers a kayak school tailored to everyone of skill.

Mukawa Women's Association rafting

Women's Association rafting rising popularity. After all rafting ♪ If everyone spend in active become a beautiful bathed in a lot of negative ions in nature! It is also possible to put in after the rafting the BBQ in option. Mind and body refresh in nature! RiverTrip Hokkaido will produce the best of memories.

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Address / MAP
Hokkaido Yufutsu-gun Shimukappu village letter TomamuLooking at the GoogleMap
access About 70 minutes from New Chitose Airport
About 100 minutes from Sapporo Minami IC
From Furano city about 50 minutes
business hours Reservations and inquiries Hours: 24 hours
Regular holiday Season in a week
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