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Owl Nooniwa
areaTokyo/23 wards

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Features of business

Owl's garden ~ Owl's Garden ~ NEW OPEN to a popular town, Harajuku
"Experience type owl theme park" is!

I will deliver "healing" and "excitement" which is not the owl cafe but a theme park named as a theme park.

2017 is the Rooster Year!
There are lucky owls (no hardship) and hawks (Fuji Nitaka)
"Owl garden" which is also near from Meiji Shrine has become a great "power spot"!
And how! The bird staff of "Owl's Garden" are all God's name appearing in myths!
Please come and visit us and get power from birds so that 2017 can be a good year ♪


Inside the shop, as a space where both people and birds can relax
"English garden"
I am imagining.


A flight experience that you can call hawks and owls inside the store to your arms.
"Takumi experience experience" can be done!

Please enjoy a variety of experiences such as "arm placement, bait, flight, toko, prey".



Address / MAP
4-31-5 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ingaesso 2nd Floor
business hours 10:00~20:00
Last entry 19:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
credit card out of service
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