FlyStation Japan (FlyStation Japan)

Fry Station Japan
areaSaitama/Soka-Koshigaya, Misato

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Features of business

The hottest indoor skydiving finally landed in Japan! It is!
Leaving himself in the wind blowing up from the huge tunnel called Wind tunnel,
Enjoy the floating in the air, it is an activity competing skills such as acrobatics!
This experience can only be done here in Japan! Let's experience it now ♪

Children can fly fun.
The trick to flying is to relax.
You can fly more naturally by taking a stabbed posture.

New sense sports!

A new sense of dance in the air with a wind of 200 km / h!
Indoor skydiving now being a hot topic in the West!

Safe and secure!

During flight, I will firmly support with instructors one to one. There are staff who always control the wind in the operator room. Below is a net like a trampoline, it is safe.

Feel free to anyone!

Do not need anything! You can come by hand.
Children over 4 years old can enjoy any age regardless of gender or any age.

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Address / MAP
Saitama prefecture Koshigaya city Lake Town 6-19-3Looking at the GoogleMap
business hours 9:00-22:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
credit card Visa / MasterCard
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