Maiko experience processing "Yumemiru dream"

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areaKyoto/Near Kyoto Station

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Archaic drifting continues across the board, is a maiko experience punished in the near alley hanami of Kyoto Gion. Cute kimono, white-painted face, many women from ornate hairpin ... children and adults yearn to Japanese coiffure, why not once experience the costume of maiko? Based on this until the request of, offers a variety of plans and options.

To sum makeup of this type, the personality plus to perform face-to-face

From the beginning to play the "Affairs and with (Bintsuke) oil" to the skin, makeup artists will do in face-to-face. Also delicate techniques such as "glossy white-painted" "blur of hair hairline", as determined by the degree of Bintsukeabura. From such traditional cosmetic treatment, modern Western-style makeup, older sister Maiko style ... etc., please feel free to consult if there is a request.

Finish of the transformation is a "semi-wig" and "Mr. Otokoshu", up the charm

Use the "half-wig" to reproduce the hairstyle of maiko in "Yumemiru dream". Since the use of the hair of the face around, closer to natural "land hairdresser".
Dressing every day, a professional with a dressing's active Maiko "Otokoshu (Otokoshi) san", and finish firmly.
Combines the elegance and cuteness, is completion of maiko.

Maiko remain stroll OK figure! Support the memories making in the store outside

Most of the plan, and with a walking time to be going out remains of maiko appearance. By all means because it is precious experience, please enjoy the maiko mood walking down the quaint streets and attractions.
Such as "lonely if you're not familiar to Kyoto," "embarrassing," "I want you to take a commemorative photo with your own camera", will accompany to explore staff to seekers (fee is optional).



Address / MAP
Down Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Yamatooji through Article 4 HigashiIri Komatsu-cho, 555-17-4
access ■ Keihan train "Shijo Gion" get off a 3-minute walk
■ Hankyu "Kawaramachi" get off a 5-minute walk

■ Kyoto City bus
"Gion" and get off at 5-minute walk
"Shijokawaramachi" get off a 10-minute walk
business hours 9:00 to 17:30
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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Remarks [In the case of car]
Meishin about 20 minutes to National Highway No. 1 from "Kyoto east IC" to "Kyoto city district"
Meishin about 30 minutes to National Highway No. 1 from "Kyoto Minami IC" to "Karasuma Gojo direction"

※ during the season of spring and fall are expected traffic jam. Please note the travel time
※ There is no parking lot. Please use the nearby parking