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Features of business

Why do not you hand-made experience to memories of Hachijo-jima? "Grocery Rami" is a small general store of Hachijojima. Glass dragonfly ball or, you can make the accessories and miscellaneous goods using the island of shells and driftwood. Please try to make a nice piece of unwind warm atmosphere to feel natural.

Comfortable experience while feeling the Island of air

"Grocery Rami" is a handmade classroom and general store in Hachijo Island. In flowing leisurely spacious air, you can accessories and miscellaneous goods making the experience of using the shells and driftwood to feel the nature of the island.

Various courses

Wreath from dragonfly ball, driftwood nameplate making, gel candle making, etc., offers a variety of experience menu. Since a short period of time at a certain feel free to courses that can participate, please come by all means.

Gift making is also OK!

Gift making, such as a wedding or housewarming is also possible. Some, such as place names order also accepted. Please feel free to contact us ahead of us, such as material bringing additional charge.

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Address / MAP
Tokyo Hachijojimahachijo-cho, Mine 4594-1Looking at the GoogleMap
access About 5 minutes by car from Hachijo Island Airport
business hours 10:00~18:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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