Musashi field Jindaiji kiln

Musashino Jin Daiji Gama
areaTokyo/Tachikawa, Chofu, Kichijoji

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Features of business

In the "Musashino Jindaiji kiln" in Tokyo Chofu-Jindaiji, feel free to offer a variety of pottery experience course that can participate. Walks Jindaiji Temple, you can enjoy the fun and ceramics to adults from small children.

Manufacture a variety of ceramics

Our shop has a workshop and store, Jindaiji grilled Dosuzu, Raku, other ceramics, Shigaraki, Echizen pottery, Mino, such as Kyo, we produce and sell a wide range of ceramic products.
In the building of the one-story building nestled in the trees, it is lined a lot of ceramics is crowdedly. Raccoon large Shigaraki and red climbing is a landmark.

Nostalgic atmosphere and lush environment

In-store, now it has become a rare earthen floor, in the winter appeared Dharma stove. In addition, in front of the shop has been flowing brook, summer brings a cool atmosphere.
Handmade kerosene kiln, in addition to the coke oven, electricity, there is a kiln of gas, we distinguish according to the respective application. These kiln and production work also can visit freely. But please try to talk feel free to answer therefore to the things concerning pottery.

Pottery Experience plan that you can feel free to

Order from the painting to choose the unglazed, original pottery goes up baked in 20 minutes. And handy Raku, this grilled course, hand beauty batter course to create a form on their own, such as a course to leave the bill, footprints of children and dogs, because it offers a variety of plans, travelers to Jindaiji and Jindai Botanical Park case, but please drop us.

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Address / MAP
Chofu, Tokyo Jindaijimoto cho 5-13-6
access JR Chuo Line "Mitaka" Station south exit Odakyu 3 bus stop (Taka 65) Jindaiji Line ride about 20 minutes, "Kichijoji" Odakyu 6 bus stop from the station park opening (Gil 04) Jindaiji Line ride about 25 minutes
Keio Line "tsutsujigaoka" Station North Keio bus Doutor before (Hill 21) Jindaiji Line ride about 15 minutes, "Chofu Station" North Exit Keio Basuparuko before (tone 34) Jindaiji Line ride about 20 minutes
About 10 minutes from the Chuo Expressway "Chofu IC"
business hours 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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