Aterier hana-ya (Atelier florist)

Atelier florist
areaTokyo/23 wards

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Features of business

Aterier hana-ya at home salon of a 2-minute walk from (Atelier florist) in Nerima Fujimidai Station, has held clay cake, macaroon tower, Clay Craft, pressed flowers, your classroom of stylish flower. Lecturer on TV Tokyo-based "TV Champion" founder Pressed Flower champion, has also carried out, such as pressed flowers animation production and illustrations binding, how-to book writing in the NHK Minna no Uta. Your classroom is I am trying to give you is working to create works such as happy with a small number of people system. I hope everyone in this your classroom is abundant life through the flowers.

Do not make the work of the flower, which is also pleasing to the gift

Or make a flower with a soft fluffy soft clay, or a flower arrangement in the pressed flowers, or the flower arrangement. Facing the flowers in Aterier hana-ya (Atelier florist) in a variety of ways, we will make up the work. Of course, the finished works decorate with yourself, your family and friends, will be very pleased to gift to the person who was taken care of.

TV appearances, lessons with instructor small classes you are also writing of the work of this

You can join the down. Also lecturer or appeared on TV, I have worked a lot of how-to book publishing, such as pressed flowers, we will guidance carefully clearly also the first person.

Convenient access in a 2-minute walk from Nerima Fujimidai Station

Lessons are conducted in a small one room of the home. Is a convenient place to access that a 2-minute walk from Nerima Ward Fujimidai Station.

Aterier hana-ya of (Atelier florist) Gallery


Address / MAP
Nerima-ku, Tokyo Nukui 3-12-1-223Looking at the GoogleMap
access 2-minute walk from Nerima Fujimidai Station
Kanetsu about 10 minutes from "Oizumi JCT"
※ Thank a number close to coin parking
business hours 10:00〜16:00
Regular holiday Sunday irregular
credit card out of service
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