Yokosuka paddle club

Yokosuka paddle club
areaKanagawa/Yokosuka Zushi-Hayama Miura

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Why do not you experience SUP at the sea of ​​Yokosuka!
The Miura Peninsula is surrounded by the east, the south, the west, the Mikata Sea. Depending on the wind direction of the day, beginners can also choose slopes that are easy to row and comfortably able to SUP, so even beginners are safe.
Unlike Shonan, let's enjoy the Yokosuka ocean, which is a little relaxing in the countryside.

Hiking at sea by hand!

SUP is an activity that everyone can enjoy, age and young and old. Only swimsuits are possessed! You can experience SUP by hand.
Why do not you master the basics of SUP while you enjoy the sense of floating walking on the sea?
Seniors can also challenge.

Experience SUP fishing too!

SUP's strength is that it will not reach on land and can not enter a fishing boat, you can attack such subtle points.
You can enjoy SUP fishing at Yokosuka paddle club.
I have experienced SUP, but I also want to experience fishing! I can fish but SUP is not confident.
Let's experience such a world by experiencing the world of SUP fishing!

SUP can be enjoyed with pet dogs together

Because SUP has high stability, you can enjoy it with pets dogs together.
Veteran instructors who are also receiving numerous events and TV interviews will lecture so please feel easy!

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