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areaKyoto/Near Kyoto Station

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In Kiyomizutei, you can enjoy the "soba experience" full-fledged-it-yourself the soba of the process from the 1. You start from where the grind buckwheat flour with a millstone. Buckwheat flour smell and taste of freshly ground also rich! Lunch will also be lunch if you choose the experience start time of before and after. The taste buckwheat that you create is also exceptional.
Since there are many tourist attractions such as the Kiyomizu Temple around, Tour of the popular tourist area of ​​Kyoto temple, please enjoy also soba experience.

Access in the popular tourist area also excellent!

Bus stop "Michi Shimizu" and get off good of access of about 5 minutes walk from the of! Around the streets and temples tour such as the Kiyomizu Temple and Sannenzaka before and after experience because it located in the popular tourist area also can be enjoyed to the full extent such.

Let's eat buckwheat struck with yourself from 1

Usually, there is no possibility to do very much, "soba". When it was Kiyomizutei, so make the buckwheat while support staff, you can eat the buckwheat delicious even beginners.
Taste of buckwheat struck by yourself is exceptional!

Sticking to "three fresh"!?

Served in the "freshly boiled" and near the "fresh out" using the powder of "freshly ground". Much up also taste of buckwheat by the three fresh. Please try to enjoy the flavor of the buckwheat itself First in without anything.

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Address / MAP
Kyoto Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Shimizu chome 257-17Looking at the GoogleMap
access ■ In the case of car
Meishin about 20 minutes over the No. 1 national highway from the highway "Kyoto Minami IC" or "Kyoto east IC"
About 15 minutes via the Fudo No. 143 from the Hanshin Expressway No. 8 Kyoto line "Kamogawa west IC"
※ parking lot, Kiyomizu Temple peripheral P, Kodaiji peripheral P, please use the coin P, and the like

■ In the case of the train
Basutei walk about 5 minutes from the "Michi Shimizu"
※ transfer is not done. Please use the public transport
business hours 10:30~13:30
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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