First ascent Shiretoko (First Ascent Shiretoko)

First Ascent Sile Toco
areaHokkaido/Abashiri, Kitami, Shiretoko

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Features of business

Among the freezing such a cold and silence of eastern Hokkaido, I want you to feel the sparkle of the moment that nature is attractive in mind and body. We do day-to-day guide under such feelings.
Responsible for guiding has made a guide in the Shiretoko since 2006, guide experience also abundant. Please be assured safe surface, so we have of course also ready various qualifications!

To your heart's content the nature of Shiretoko

Nature is born from the severe cold will overwhelm what you see. Please enjoy to Come heart's content.

Also safe safety

Skilled staff have done a long time guide will guide you is the Shiretoko.
Please be assured that we are also ready rich qualification.

First ascent Shiretoko Gallery (First Ascent Shiretoko)


Address / MAP
Abashiri, Hokkaido mokoto 211-112Looking at the GoogleMap
business hours 月-金 8:30AM~17:00PM
​土-日 9:00AM~17:00PM
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