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Features of business

Yet close to Kokusai Street, breath in a quiet studio shop located in a remote residential area of ​​the hustle and bustle.
So close to the Naha Airport, the date of arrival in Okinawa and your way even before.

Making your own original accessories!

Why not make one original accessories in Okinawa to the world?
Since the professional you are, I guidance carefully, is also safe for the first time in person.
Couples or husband and wife, of course, even in one person, can be enjoyed in the group.

We guidance easy to understand also the first one!

All of the tools necessary for accessories production are available here.
Even if you're in Okinawa trip you can feel free to experience.

Full charter with a set of reservation.

One hour of your reservation is plump their time.
Guests can enjoy a production without the use of care.
It is also safe shy's.

★ state of the experience is up to the day-to-day blog. Please for your reference.

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Address / MAP
Naha character Asato 76Looking at the GoogleMap
access 8-minute walk from Kokusai Street Makishi Station
business hours The basic business is 18 o'clock 13
Experience can now be from 11 o'clock.
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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