Asahi baked Sakusuekan

Asahi Yaqui Saku Dongguan

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Pottery class Asahi baked Sakusuekan of Kyoto Uji is a pottery class that morning sun baked pottery is operated by a natural rich Uji slip of the Keihan Uji Station 7 minutes walk.

<Toward is this to tourism to Kyoto Uji>
17-minute rapid until JR Uji Station from Kyoto Station.
Please come by all means in the pottery experience in Uji that the city was calm a little bit different of Kyoto.

Sat twist to study in pottery

The Asahi grilled ... pottery class overlaying the history of the 400-odd years 16 generations than Hirakikama who enjoy the soil twist to the people of hobbyists from 1951, I can say a pioneer of the pottery class.

Worry beginners

Sat twist and electric potter's wheel for the production procedure, we will be described with a sample production.
For the production, but do the advice of the point, to cherish the hope of the author, we try the guidance which you could feel the joy of making things.

The oven of Asahi grilled unique

Is a tea-growing district, we use the soil of local Uji.
I am using the original soil, which was prepared by the pottery, we will your Honte firing out is slightly pink scenery to glaze of transparency. Since it appears the atmosphere with soil in each work, please enjoy also the difference of the oven one by one point.

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Address / MAP
Kyoto Uji Ujiyamada 11Looking at the GoogleMap
access In the case of the train
About walk from JR Uji Station 17 minutes
Keihan Uji walk about 7 minutes from the train station

If you car
Arriving at ● car from the Osaka-Kobe
Than Meishin showdown tunnel Oyamazaki JCT
Keiji bypass inlet progress
Arriving at the ● drive from Tokyo, Nagoya
Than Meishin Seta east
Keiji bypass inlet progress
business hours 10:00~17:00
Regular holiday Mondays, last closed on Sundays
credit card VISA, Master, JCB, American Express, Diners, Rakuten, DISCOVER
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