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Now the hottest outdoor field, Okutama area. Access from the city also is perfect! In the Forest & Water Okutama base has held rafting and a tour of the hydro-speed Tama River. Tama River water is stable throughout the season is the best of the river to swim in a river. Hydro speed is the ultimate feel the flow of the river in the body having a swim in a river! Degree of attention is a river sport of NO.1. Tama River rafting can play from elementary school through the season to adults. Hydro speed is possible participation from more than a junior high school student. Motto of Forest & Water Okutama is "I want to become to love the river" to everyone. Come, let's play together in the Tama River! ! !

We try the tour, such as get turned to love the river.

Forest & Water Okutama of the tour, we have always kept in mind the tour, such as get turned to love the river let me know the joy of having a swim in a river to everyone. Elementary school students is of course back to everyone kid when the adults of the person who is also having a swim in a river I want to enjoy heartily. Among the tour will continue to a variety of play and went into the river. Sometimes jumping from rock (free participation) and choose the play depending on the situation and playing to make a slide in the boat.

RAJ official guide enrolled!

It is the First safety is the most important in order to enjoy heart's content. In the Forest & Water is certified as RAJ official guide in response to the guide certification exam of RAJ (Rafting Association), we will yet guide you through everyone as a guide only thing that was clear our strict guiding criterion. We will continue with kit of AED & First Aid in case of emergency on the river. We devote every day to be able to provide better services to everyone.

Haikuoriti tool to enjoy in peace is not essential!

Forest & The water does not have to worry about that hit the hand even when you hit the rock and has a rope on the inside of the boat. Life jackets are also buoyant preeminent made of New Zealand (Hatch Wilco, Inc.). Helmet will protect firmly the head of everyone. Wet suit will give you the ones that fit your body as much as possible. Cold and we offer a thing of Haikuoriti so as not that I do not want to swim.

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