SILVER RANCH (Silver lunch)

Silver lunch

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Yuka Murayama's book "Amagakeru." Appeared in the works, Hokkaido ranch "Silver lunch" was opened in Ishikari! Sea, it has a mountain trek. While watching the sea shining silver, Why do not you riding? Is a horse riding club which is from May to a location with a view of the sea of ​​the end of October limited. Without thinking that difficult, anyway Do not you enjoy riding a horse? For the first time, even welcome!

Trekking the sea, the mountains of Ishikari on horseback

Silver Ranch of riding freely. I want to ride on like this! Please tell us

Deals discount, five pack tickets plan

In the Silver lunch, intended for beginners, it offers a "discount season tickets" to where I am riding on more deals.

Children riding experience

In the Silver lunch, we also riding experience of the children.
It hits the full support leaders in safety first. Please contact us by phone in advance.

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Address / MAP
Hokkaido Ishikari Atsuta-ku, ship-shaped Shiratsukari 193-3Looking at the GoogleMap
access Turn left from the JR Hokkaido Shinoro Station Michimichi enters the 273 Route → 0.8 Turn left Km Shinoro 8-7, Shinoro 7-8 (intersection), the process proceeds as it Michimichi 273 Route towards the National Highway 231 Route → 7.0 Km
Proceed diagonally left into the national road 231 Route → 74 and m turn left as it is advancing the 231 National Highway → 13.2 Km turn left → 0.5 Km target point is the right-hand side
business hours 9 o'clock - 18 o'clock [mid June to early October]
Regular holiday Wednesday
credit card out of service
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